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For Families Requiring a Nanny Placement
(If needing only per diem care, click Book a Babysitter.)

Nanny Matching Process

Below is our step-by-step Nanny Matching Process for finding the perfect nanny match to complement your family. (Please note, when needing only per diem care, there is no comparable application or matching process since booking a babysitter is on-demand.)

  1. Fill Out and Submit the Application.
    This form will help us get acquainted with your family and determine your childcare needs and preferences.
  2. Schedule an Initial Consultation.
    After reviewing your application, we will contact you to arrange either an in-person meeting or video conference call to ask follow-up questions and become more familiarized with your family’s individual needs. We’ll also email you our Childcare Agreement.
  3. Sign and Submit the Childcare Agreement.
    This contract underscores our agency’s terms and conditions. Please take your time to review the Childcare Agreement. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns. No fee is due until final approval of a nanny candidate.
  4. Review Top Nanny Matches.
    Upon signing the Childcare Agreement, we will email you up to three potential nanny matches that have been carefully curated based on your family’s needs and preferences. After reviewing each candidate’s profile, just let us know who you would like to initially interview.
  5. Schedule an Interview.
    We will work with you and your ideal nanny to schedule an interview date and time. It is best for you as the parent to interview the nanny directly followed by a separate meet and greet between the nanny and your children. If the first nanny doesn’t complement your family perfectly, we will arrange additional interviews until one does.
  6. Select a Nanny.
    Once you believe you’ve found the best nanny for your family, an initial 3-Hour Pilot Childcare Session will be required to ensure compatibility before the final approval. Normal hourly rates apply. Payment to the agency is due within 24 hours if after approving the nanny candidate following the initial 3-Hour Pilot Childcare Session. (Note: if things unexpectedly didn’t work out during the 3-Hour Pilot Childcare Session, we will continue the Nanny Matching Process.)
  7. Stay in Touch.
    Please keep in touch and let us know how the placement is working for your family.

Visit our Childcare Superheroes page to learn about the types of candidates we recruit.

We utilize state-of-the-art software to make your nanny placement as seamless as possible.

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Minimum Requirements & Comprehensive Screening

For Nannies & Babysitters

All the candidates we recruit are extensively screened and vetted to ensure that our agency only represents the top caregivers. At a minimum, each candidate must meet these requirements.

If all minimum requirements have been met and to ensure a candidate’s interests align with the vision of 808Nanny, our agency will initiate a preliminary phone call or email correspondence. We then conduct an interview to learn more about the candidate and their qualifications. Next, if the candidate passes the interview, they will undergo a thorough background investigation as part of our Comprehensive Screening. The final step in our due diligence process requires that all our Childcare Superheroes agree to receive ongoing in-house training.

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