3 Regular Checkups for Your Child to Grow Up Happy and Healthy

3 Regular Checkups for Your Child to Grow Up Happy and Healthy

Kids may not enjoy going to the doctor or dentist, but it’s important for you to take them in for regular checkups anyway. Regular appointments to check a child’s growth and development help prevent problems or catch them early for treatment. Here are a few appointments your child shouldn’t miss.

According to Medical Mutual, regular checkups allow your child’s pediatrician to measure growth, give vaccines, and check your child’s vital signs to see if everything is normal. Though every child grows and develops at a different rate, regular checkups allow your doctor to monitor changes in your child and decide if there is cause for concern. Infants see the doctor very often. In fact, until your child is around two years old, he will see the pediatrician frequently. As kids age, they usually only go in for a checkup once a year. Otherwise, appointments only occur if your child is sick.

When your child finally has a tooth, it’s time to see the dentist. It’s recommended that you take your child to the dentist by the age of one so his or her oral health can be monitored. Kids need to continue to see the dentist every six months for regular cleanings. The dentist will also perform X-rays to make sure teeth are coming in like they are supposed to. As kids age, the dentist will perform procedures to keep your child’s mouth healthy. According to Lakeside Dental, sealants help protect your teeth from cavities by coating your child’s teeth with special protectants that help keep food from sticking to their teeth. Your child will likely have sealants put on when he is in elementary school and molars start to appear.

Scheduling regular eye appointments for your child will help detect any problems before they get out of control. Optometrists check to make sure your child can see properly and that he or she isn’t straining their eyes to do so. Eye doctors also check on a child’s eye health to make sure there is nothing going on behind the scenes that could threaten your child’s vision. Your child should have their eyes checked when they are six months old. After that, it’s recommended that they see the eye doctor again at the age of three. Your child will then have yearly exams starting at the age of five. Undetected eye problems can lead to a child having trouble in school, so don’t skip vision checkups.

Taking care of your child’s health is extremely important through every stage of their development. These appointments may take a long time to attend and may be a pain to schedule, but they can make a big difference in your child’s health and well-being.


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