Need Your Nanny to Drive the Kids? Here's What You Do

Need Your Nanny to Drive the Kids? Here’s What You Do

Life gets a lot easier when you let your nanny take over some of the driving responsibilities. While it may be difficult at first to trust your children in a vehicle with somebody else, the right precautions and rules will make you feel more at ease with the situation. And nobody can argue the great convenience that this will provide any busy family. Here are three things to do before you let your nanny drive your children:

Make Sure They Have a Good Driving Record
The first step to take before letting your nanny drive the kids is to make sure that they have a good driving record. Depending on the state in which you live, you may be able to request the record yourself. If the state will not release the record to you, you can request that the nanny obtain their own personal record from the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation to show you. In addition to the DMV, an auto insurance provider will have access to a driving record. You do not want to put the lives of your children in the hands of a driver with a poor record.

Let Them Use the Family Car
Nanny Network states that letting the nanny use the family car is generally always a better option than the children riding in the caregiver’s vehicle. While your car may be unfamiliar to the nanny, the family vehicle is familiar to the children, so there will be less anxiety for the children. If there is an accident, the nanny will not have to worry about covering the cost of damages on their own vehicle. In addition, if your children are still riding in car seats, it is easier to keep them in place in one vehicle rather than constantly taking them in and out. The constant transfer of car seats increases the risk that they are not properly installed. 

Another benefit of using the family car is that it is not up to the nanny to maintain the vehicle. You will feel more secure knowing that the vehicle has been properly maintained, rather than hoping that your nanny takes as good care of their care as they do your kids. This also eliminates the potentially sticky situation of having to decide how much to compensate the nanny for gas or wear and tear on their personal vehicle.

Talk to Your Insurance Company About Additional Coverage
If your nanny is driving your vehicle regularly, it is important that you notify your insurance provider. A family auto insurance policy will provide you with the coverage that you need to ensure that you are properly covered. Joel H. Schwartz points out that this is a critical step to take to limit liability if your car gets hit while the nanny is driving. Most insurance companies have policies in place for this sort of situation. The provider will simply add the nanny as an additional authorized user on the policy. The insurer will need the nanny’s driver’s license information to add them to the existing policy. 

It is normal to be nervous about trusting your nanny with your children in a vehicle. However, by establishing firm guidelines and taking the proper precautions, you will have peace of mind as you send them on their way.

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