3 More Tips to Make Moving with Kids Less Stressful

3 More Tips to Make Moving with Kids Less Stressful

Moving is stressful even if you and your kids are excited about the change. Luckily, there are things you can do to make the transition smoother for everyone. Back in March, we covered a few of these things, and we thought we’d share a few more ideas. Here are some more things you can do to make moving with kids a little easier.

Pack a Moving Day Bag for the Kids
We all have items we consider essential. These are the things we want to be able to grab at a moment’s notice — the items we absolutely don’t want to be packed in the bottom of a moving box. Your kids have these items as well. Make sure you pack your child a moving day bag that contains everything they consider essential. It may be a favorite toy or book. The bag should probably also contain clothes and toiletries to get your child through the initial period.

The hectic days of a move can be made much easier if you plan ahead and have a well-stocked moving day bag for each child. If electronic items are on the top of your child’s essentials list, pack those separately. According to On the Move, speakers, computers, and flat-screen TVs are sensitive pieces of equipment that are almost guaranteed to sustain damage if not packed well. To prevent damage, repack what you can in original boxes. Otherwise, make sure that your electronics are well-padded and secure.

Take the Kids to Visit the New Neighborhood
Part of the reason that moving is stressful for everyone is the unknown. Unpakt suggests removing the unknown from the equation as much as possible by taking your kids to visit the new neighborhood. This won’t be possible if you’re moving a long distance away, but if you are within a few hours of your new home, put forth the effort to take the kids to visit before the move.

Your kids will enjoy scoping out the neighborhood. They can find playgrounds, fields, and stores. They might even meet friends who will be there when they arrive permanently. This will make them feel less as though they are moving to an alien location and give them a few things to look forward to when they get there.

Keep Changes to a Minimum at the New House
Kids like routine, and when everything around them is changing, even small routines can help them feel grounded, according to Help and Hope. If your family eats dinner together every night, keep doing that even if you are ordering pizza and sitting on the kitchen floor. Arrange your child’s room in a familiar way so it feels like the previous house.

If that’s what you did in your old neighborhood, take a nightly stroll around your new location. It may not seem like much, but holding onto the traditions you’ve established will make the move much easier for your child.

Moving is a major undertaking, but the stress for your kids doesn’t have to be excessive. Plan ahead to make the transition as simple and stress-free as possible.


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