5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny

5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny

  1. Remember the Importance of Reliability 
    5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny
    First and foremost, reliability intrinsically links to the successfulness of a nanny. If you’re someone who struggles with certain values such as commitment, routine, structure, timeliness, and responsibility, it’s safe to say nannying will prove a challenge.When it comes to taking care of children, being a reliable person is of the utmost importance. Children need people who they can rely on and rightly so.What does this reliability look like in the everyday? Picking up a child from school on time, so they’re not made to wait, ensuring lunch is prepared the day before, meeting the commitments of extracurricular activities, and having a set time for dinner are all examples of ways you can show your reliability as a nanny. Both you and the children you’re working with will benefit from this skillset.
  2. Great References Go a Long Way
    5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny
    Understandably, parents are likely to ask for references if you’re applying for a nanny role. References reflect your credibility as a reliable, responsible, and trustworthy person.Hence, it’s a great idea to ask for a reference at the closure of any nanny position. By building your network and accumulating a range of positive references, your chances of securing the ultimate position significantly increase.Don’t feel shy to ask for a reference. You’ve put the hard work and effort in. If you’ve had a positive employment experience, you deserve the reference that may just land you that dream position. Remember to be brave!
  3. Dress to Impress  
    5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny
    If you’ve found a suitable family that’s interested in you working with their children, you will likely be required to meet for an interview. This may involve a trial session with the children, which allows a family or caregiver to assess your skills and suitability.Now is the time to, as the age-old saying suggests, dress to impress. While we may dream in a world free of judgment and preconceived conceptions, the reality is that people do make assumptions based on the clothes we wear and the way we present ourselves.There’s a significant body of research reflecting this, which is why it’s important to dress in a way that we believe embodies our values and attitudes. This is especially true for nannying. Its understandable parents or caregivers may be cautious and extra careful in determining whether you’re suitable to take full responsibility for their children.By wearing smart and professional attire, you are making an active and effective decision to present yourself in the way a parent or caregiver is likely to respond well to. It simply makes sense!
  4. A Flexible Schedule
    5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny
    The lives of each family will vary, and that’s the same for their schedule. If you have a busy life with a strict schedule, nannying may not be suitable for you. It’s common for nannying to require a variety of irregular hours, such as afternoon and morning work.It’s essential to know if you have the time and availability that’s required to be a nanny before you start applying for jobs. This will save both you and your potential employee time and effort.
  5. An Understanding of Activities Suitable for Children
    5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny
    Without a list of activities to keep children entertained and stimulated, you may end up finding nannying an arduous job. Having a set schedule with designated slots for certain activities will equip you with one of the most fundamental tools needed to be a successful nanny.Time is everything. When we look at school, there are set structures for the entire day with different classes, lunchtime, and recess. We are creatures of habit, which is why it’s unsurprising that children, in particular, crave the classroom structure accustomed to outside of class.
  6. The Verdict
    5 Tips to Being a Successful Nanny
    Nannying may initially seem like an overwhelming and stressful task. However, with the right approach, attitude, skills, and preparation, nannying can quickly become one of the most enjoyable jobs on the planet.Spending time with children and assisting them in their most foundational, influential, and important years is endlessly rewarding. The originality and genuineness of children is a precious thing that always promises to lift your mood.Being a positive role model to children, helping them to do the things they can’t yet do themselves, and having the privilege to teach them about the joys of life are reasons enough to become a nanny. Plus, you can rest assured that the effort you put towards a child is priceless and one of the best ways you can use your time.That’s why we’ve created this article to help you realize your potential as a successful and amazing nanny! Let us know if you have any other tips that you have found especially important when it comes to being a great nanny.

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