3 Fun Summer Activities Kids Are Sure to Love

3 Fun Summer Activities Kids Are Sure to Love

There is a finite amount of summers that you get with your children before they go off on their own. Make these summers count by planning fun activities that will bring the family together and create memories. You do not even need to spend a lot of money or travel to make memories to last a lifetime. Here are three summer activities that kids are guaranteed to love:

Night Games

Take advantage of warm summer nights by planning games to take place after dark. Kids will delight in running around the neighborhood with their friends. Some good games ideas to consider include hide and seek with flashlights, kick the can, ghosts in the graveyard, and sardines. Be sure to ask for the help of other adults to supervise the games so that nobody gets hurt. You should also plan the games in an area where there is no traffic. Ref

Movie in the Backyard

Backyard movie nights are another ideal way to harness the magic of summer evenings. As you plan your movie in the backyard, research what equipment you will need to make it the best experience for your kids. You do not even need to invest in fancy AV equipment to make this happen. A simple white sheet and a projector can turn any backyard into a makeshift theater perfect for movie screenings. The only other items you need to supply are blankets and pillows to cozy up with and an assortment of fun movie snacks such as popcorn and candy. Ref

Water Games

Summertime is not complete without getting outside and getting wet. It is easy to turn your own yard into a water wonderland. Every kid loves a good water balloon fight. Get extra creative and use water balloons as balls for a baseball game. Or hang the water balloons to use as pinatas. Kids will love swinging at the balloons and splashing all of their friends. Do not be afraid to get wet and messy. Backyard water games are also an ideal way to let your kids get creative. For example, let your children make a DIY water sprinkler simply using an empty plastic two-liter soda bottle with some holes poked into it. Ref

The possibilities are endless if you are willing to get creative. Make this summer the best one yet by planning your bucket list of fun now!

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