3 Fun Exercises to Do With Children of All Ages

3 Fun Exercises to Do With Children of All Ages

Families that exercise and play together are more likely to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Although it might be tempting to simply enroll your children in a variety of sports activities, working out together as a family improves the parent-child bond and also delivers solid quality time together. Here are three fun exercises that you can do with children of all ages:


In order to instill a life-long love of physical fitness, exercise should be fun. Because of this, dancing is an ideal way to work up a sweat while also having a blast. The best thing about dancing is that you do not need any expensive equipment to participate. All you need is some good dancing music and you are ready to go. Because dancing is not competitive, it is not something that will wear your child down. Dancing is also a great entry exercise because it does not require any special skill set or talent. All you need is a willingness to have fun and move to the music.


Although most people see yoga as an adult exercise, the practice actually delivers immense benefits to people of all ages. Children should practice yoga as they grow so that it becomes a habit that they can carry with them as they age. Not only does yoga encourage flexibility, strength, and coordination, but it also boosts mental function. Children who engage in yoga learn a myriad of useful relaxation techniques. An increased sense of body awareness is also a result of yoga.

Fun Runs

Today’s road races are more family-friendly than ever before. There are a variety of races all over the country that market to families looking to get out and get active with their children. From hot chocolate 5K runs to races featuring bubbles or spray paint, registering for a fun run is a great way to bond as a family. One of the best things about these races is that it gives you a goal to strive for. You and your kids will have a blast training together and then finally getting to compete on race day.

To keep kids motivated to continue with the family exercise, you will need to keep it fun and free of pressure. Making physical activity a part of everyday life will promote an active lifestyle as well as a stronger family connection.

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