How to Get Hired as a Nanny

How to Get Hired as a Nanny

You might be excited about the nanny job that you’re going for, but how do you get hired? Aside from having qualifications and experience, you and the family you’re about to meet must be a good fit. And even if the job seems right, you’ll still have to show your potential employer that you’re the best candidate available.

Qualifications & Experience

You don’t need any qualifications to be a nanny, but they definitely help. An associate degree or other credentials in early childcare will enhance your prospects of getting that dream nanny job. You’ll almost certainly need certifications in CPR and first aid.

Experience in childcare will go a long way even without formal qualifications. Any prior work or time spent with children helps. That includes babysitting, day-care, teaching, or looking after your own children or siblings. You’ll help your chances if you have glowing references from previous jobs.

Preparing for the Interview

You might have the greatest nanny résumé in the world, but you still need to make that connection in the interview and prepare well for it. You’ll play a part in the intellectual and emotional growth of the child or children, so be ready for some searching questions.

Your knowledge of childcare and child development will be useful in the interview. How would you handle various examples of child misbehavior? What subjects are suitable for discussion with children of different ages? What would you do if a child badly hurt themselves in your care?

Like any job you go for, it helps to pre-empt the questions that will come your way at the interview. Use what you know about the family and children to prepare. It’s also a good idea to research the area you’ll be working in, so you’re familiar with local amenities and children’s play areas.

The interview is for your benefit as well as the family’s. Only accept those jobs you instinctively feel positive about. Good luck!


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