How to Get Kids Excited About Camping

How to Get Kids Excited About Camping

If like many parents, you want to keep your children away from their electronics and blue screens, and out in the natural world as much as possible, it can often be challenging to find a solution. Especially during winter months, weather and moods make it seem like a much less appealing option. But camping in the outdoors is actually an all-year-round activity which parents and children can enjoy, even when it’s cold outside.


Although it might not seem like it, the planning process can be a very exciting one for kids, so make sure to get them involved. From mapping out a route to picking out activities and deciding what to bring, the planning process sparks creativity and the potential for adventure.


Lessen your chores by sending the kids up to the attic instead. They’ll love digging out the camping gear and feeling like they’re helping out. Getting equipment together can make the journey seem more real and adventurous. Don’t forget the games!


If numbers allow, let the kids have their own tent. Not only does a new, cozy sleeping area seem exciting to them, they will have their own space, freedom, and excuse to stay up late telling ghost stories and having a sleepover.


Keep them on the lookout for animals and wildlife. Education can continue outside of the classroom, and a more kinetic, outside the box approach can often be more effective and enjoyable. Allow them to explore and ask questions, observing and learning about birds, insects, and trees as they go.


Whether you’ve brought board games, pen and paper, or are just using your imagination, this can be a great way to connect as a family. Let the kids pick what they want to play and take the lead for a while.


It’s hardly a camping trip without toasting marshmallows over the fire, so don’t forget to pack them!


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