Fun Activities to Do When Babysitting Children With Autism

Fun Activities to Do When Babysitting Children With Autism

Babysitting children will autism can be daunting, especially if you don’t know the activities that these special needs children will like. Craft activities will definitely be fun for any child, but for children with autism, the chance to explore sensory experiences, colors, and shapes could go a long way in fostering calmness, stimulating attention, and creating more fun. Some of the activities you can incorporate in babysitting children with autism include the following:

Ice Painting

Every kid loves swirling melting paint on paper, tweaking it into beautiful designs. This activity allows children to develop observation skills when they see the paint change from liquid to solid and back. It also helps in developing color recognition.

Shredded Flower Bouquet

Did you know that shredded paper can be so beautiful? This is a creative activity that involves ripping paper into a colorful, decorative composition. Kids with autism will like the experience of handling and manipulating this kind of bright stuff.

Underwater I Spy Alphabet Bottle

Glittery water attracts the curious eyes of children. Making this bottle is fun, and it helps kids with autism to stay focused and engaged. They will be able to recognize letters while, at the same time, enjoying the sparkle and shine of the sequins in the bottle.

Matching Halves Game

Want to introduce children with autism to puzzles? This is the game to help you achieve that. Tell the children to complete the puzzle by finding the missing half of each craft stick. It is fun.

A Smelling Station

Setting up a smelling station is an excellent way of teasing kids’ noses. With the help of fabric scraps, rubber bands, fragrant ingredients, and some small containers, children with autism can create a collection of smells to test one of their five senses. The kids will love the good scents emanating from the station, and they will learn the role of the sense of smell.


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