Why Kindness Is Key to Babysitting

Why Kindness Is Key to Babysitting

Kindness Explained

Babysitting and kindness are like jelly and peanut butter; they should go together. However, we understand that finding peanut butter can be difficult sometimes, and jelly may run out when we’re halfway into preparing the sandwich. This is what it may be like being in a difficult situation: finding the right words to utter when our patience is tested. Babysitting can be frustrating sometimes; hence, any babysitter should know how to calmly handle kids, no matter how cheeky they are. Successful babysitters know how to handle difficult situations without turning gloomy. Wondering how they manage this? It is because of one quality: kindness.


Consider this scenario: It’s around bedtime and a five-kid babysitter tells the kids to go to bed. The oldest kid refuses, and all of a sudden, the rest of the team joins the “rebellion.” The day had been so nice up to that point. With a broad smile on her face, she asks the oldest kid if he will go with her upstairs to read bedtime stories. He accepts. They go upstairs and the rest of the kids follow them. After a few minutes, the youngest three kids are already asleep and the babysitter offers to play a short card game with the remaining two kids for extra twenty minutes before they can go to bed. They accept the offer, play the game, and then go to sleep.

Bottom Line

What made the babysitter in the above scenario to succeed? One answer: kindness. She did not raise her voice and command the children to go to bed. Rather, she chose to incorporate kindness, which the kids reciprocated in the long run by going to bed. Had the babysitter responded to the “rebellion” with anger, she would have triggered an even more angering reaction from the kids. So, as you can see, kindness it a staple in babysitting. A babysitter without kindness is like peanut butter without jelly.


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