Things to Consider Before Becoming a Nanny

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Nanny

The Big Decision for the Family

Hiring a nanny is one of the biggest decisions parents might have to face, if extra help with childcare is needed daily. Naturally, the parents may feel a bit nervous, as they are entrusting their precious jewels into the hands of a stranger. But you have the power to change this nervousness into an atmosphere of joy and gratitude, as your presence can be a powerful gift that keeps on giving! So, if you’ve ever considered becoming a nanny, read on.

Benefits for You

No, we’re not talking about money or healthcare right now, but rather what you can gain as a nanny. Becoming a nanny means you commit to being involved in children’s everyday life for a specific period. The situation can be live-in, or live-out, but either way, you can impact children’s lives in a positive way and creating memories that, at least for some, carry on way into adulthood. You will give of yourself, your time, your love and care, facing challenges with patience. As a result, you will reap a harvest of fruit that no amount of money can buy, nor any school book teach. You will gain experience and learn things about yourself, and children, that you never knew before. So yes, nannying is work and requires commitment, patience and lots of love (and wet wipes) but the rewards are countless. Are you up for the adventure?

Tip of the Week

A lot of times, families require a certain amount of experience from the nanny they are about to hire. If you don’t have years of (or any) childcare experience under your belt, you could do a bunch of babysitting for different families before applying to be a nanny. That way you gain not only experience, but also good references from parents, which are like a golden ticket in the world of nannying. You can do it, just go for it!


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